Required Documentation

We request the following documentation to process your Permit to Enter application.
You may wish to refer to our guidelines to help prepare your plan:
Guidelines for Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan

1.  A site-specific health and safety plan reviewed and accepted as appropriate for the work and signed by the organisation commissioning the work. This may include the main contractor where appropriate. Minimum expectations include:

  • A risk register addressing risks associated with working in the rail corridor.
  • A list of sites covered under the permit application.
  • An emergency management plan including notification to KiwiRail emergency number 0800 808 400.
  • A procedure and assigned responsibility for notification to KiwiRail for all incidents occurring in the rail corridor.
  • A copy or receipt of notification to WorkSafe for any “Notifiable Works” under the permit.
  • A communication plan for your work site including on site radio channels and contact numbers.

2.  An environmental management plan.

3.  Site/layout plan and photos of your planned works.

4.  Public Liability Insurance Certificate to the value of $10M (insurance certificates need to be submitted for the organisation requesting the permit, the main contractor as well as any subcontractors working within the rail corridor).

5.  Details of any machinery/tools being used.

Please email the required documents to:


Projects managed by KiwiRail

For projects managed by KiwiRail, the KiwiRail Project Manager can be the sponsor of the work and confirm that they have reviewed the methodology and health and safety plan alongside the National Permits Team. The sign off process for these projects can take up to 10 working days to complete.

For KiwiRail-managed projects please use this sign off form: Permit to Enter internal form

We are available to visit your team to explain the services we provide and to assist with your permit application. To book a visit, contact us here.

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