Permit to enter

KiwiRail manages over 3500km of track throughout New Zealand. The tracks and the land surrounding the tracks is called the rail corridor. 

To ensure people working within the rail corridor are kept safe, you must have a valid Permit to Enter.

When you apply for a permit, we'll work with you to understand the nature of your request and ensure the right combination of conditions are included in your permit to keep you safe.

When applying for a permit, please note:

  • Please allow at least 30 working days to obtain a permit.
  • Rail Corridor Induction and Electrification Safety Awareness training may be required.
  • If you are working within four metres of electrified equipment you will also need an Electrical Safety Permit or Permit to Work Near Railway Power Lines.
  • If you are digging or disturbing the ground, no matter the depth, you will need to let us know.
  • Getting permission means you will enter into a formal agreement with us agreeing the specific terms upon which your permit is being granted.
  • We may apply special conditions to the permit (such as the need for rail safety protection). This will depend on what you want to do, how close to rail lines or structures you will be, how close to electrical systems you will be and when you need to do the work (date, time of day, how long).

Further information and contact numbers for advice can be obtained from the National Permit Office

To apply for a permit, CLICK HERE